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Posted by lcueva on Sat, 07/11/2009 - 19:12

Is there any methodology to assure the alignment of the physical security services with the enterprise objectives that shows every service metrics related to those objectives graphically?. How is the PSIM developing in relation with this alignment information?
Which are the most common hiden economic impacts when measuring physical security services results?; for example : eliminate duplicity of working hours, increasing workers productivity, reduce labor costs, reduce fix expenditures, reduce response time, improve the quality of the performance of security control center operators, etc. When Security departments use the expression "reduction of losses" it looks very general for decision makers and normally this expression is very often used in relation with assests been stolen or damage and very few times whit those hiden economic impacts. How is the PSIM developing in relation with this type of economics impacts?

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I must concur with the

I must concur with the earlier comments. There is so much jargon that one must believe that the content is not a valid issue rather a ploy to gain market interest. Apologies if this is not correct, but it is very difficult to understand in the current format.



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Very clear objectives.

This blog is difficult to read. I can imagine this is why you have no comments. Look, for what it is worth if your company is look to improve their security management, seek the advice of facilitators, identify what it is that you really want to address and in what order. Then set about some training, and very clear objectives. It takes time.

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