Online Advertising for Guard Services

Posted by N.A.Corbier on Sat, 03/29/2008 - 00:46

I've noticed that many guard services firms use craigslist for free advertising. This is pretty much a shotgun approach, and wonder if there are better methods.

I know of one, which is still in public beta. SecurityProfessional has a job section which allows for free posting, and can be reached at

There's also the track, but this has issues because of the associated cost.

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Online Advertising for Guard Services

I find that you get what you pay for. Nothing for free is good!!

Concerning employment

I am a South African Policemen, looking for employment in the security industry.  I want to stay in Africa as it is what I know.  Is there a website where one could look for a job in Africa, protecting a mine or oil rig.   

You could

You could try: there is a job job on the site.




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