NVR standalone or PC-based NVR?

Posted by Jasonsmi on Sun, 01/16/2011 - 00:09

 as title, 
anyone has ideas to share with? 

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Advantages of standalone (HW-based) NVR

I prefer the standalone solution of Network Video Recorders and here are advantages which I have gathered for standalone version:

1) Linux based – no viruses, no Win failure, no unexpected system restart, no influence of other applications
2) "Invisible" black-box – easy to hide on safe place
3) Lower power consumption in comparison with standard PC so you can save money on the electricity costs
4) Much lower risk of data losing or uninstalling the interface due to unprofessional handling (in comparison with PC with multiple users)
5) No need of a client software installation – just Java within InternetExplorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari
6) Client platform independent (Win, Linux and Mac)
7) Cost-effective in comparison with buying a new PC for the software NVR (although software itself may be for free)

Here is the one example of the standalone NVR: http://www.ipcorder.com/en/showroom 


Re: NVR standalone or PC-based NVR?

Both these recording solutions provide a storage facility for the content captured by security cameras and take care of the functions of managing the cameras, recording content, viewing content, and archiving content. The differences between the two lie in how they operate and the features they provide.

the manipulation must be as

the manipulation must be as easy as possible, with lower cost of course, families usually use another PC to do the remote monitoring or search events after being triggered...500GB HDD should be enough for recording for weeks.


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