Morning Security Brief: West Nile Precautions, LAPD Changes SAR Rules, and More

West Nile Virus found in 48 states. LAPD has new SAR rules. A shooting in New Jersey leaves three dead. And more.

City of Houston's Active Shooter PSA Goes Viral

The release of the homeland security grant-funded short film was moved up after the Aurora shooting.

Enterprise Mobile Duress: A Mobile 'Panic Button' for Healthcare Providers

For National Hospital Week, we interviewed Mark Jarman, president and CEO of Inovonics,on the benefits of enterprise mobile duress systems in healthcare settings expanding on the panic button concept.

'Culture of Tolerance' Enables Violence Against Nurses, Says Hospital Administrator

An Emergency Nurses Association survey found that most incidences of abuse toward nurses aren't formally reported. One hospital administrator fears that hospital violence has become an accepted occupational hazard.

How Can the Hospitality Industry Better Protect Housekeeping Staff?

The recent episode involving Dominique Strauss-Kahn's alleged rape of a housekeeper has rekindled discussion on what the hospitality industry should do to better protect housekeeping and room service employees from on-the-job harassment.

When Darkness Falls in Delhi

The growth of 24/7 call centers in India puts women at risk. Efforts to protect them have generated results as well as criticism.

Deterring Workplace Violence

Security professional Bonnie Michelman, CPP, discusses how to prevent and respond to workplace violence in this month's podcast.

Seminar on Workplace Violence Reminds Businesses That "No One is Immune"

Little more than a block from the location of the Discovery Channel hostage crisis this past summer, AlliedBarton and ASIS International's suburban Maryland chapter held a workplace violence seminar to preach preparedness.

Morning Security Brief: Airport Pat-downs, Wi-Fi Risks, Workplace Violence, DoD Intelligence Budget, and More

A CNN employee's encounter at an airport draws attention to security pat-downs. Risks of free wireless connections in public spaces--and what you can do about them. A new online resource offers companies guidance in developing policies to help employees dealing with domestic abuse and related issues. And more.

Listen Here! April Podcast

Join host Laura Spadanuta as she talks with editors about topics in this month's Security Management, including data breaches, workplace violence, the monetary trade-offs between privacy and security, and jihadist radicalization on the home front.

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