The Economics of Spam

Spammers can turn a profit even when there is a minuscule probability that a sent spam e-mail will result in a sale, according to a study by researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and San Diego.

Cybercriminals Quick to Exploit Obama Win

In less than a day, cybercriminals are already exploiting Senator Barack Obama's win of the U.S. presidency last night by using spam e-mails announcing his win to infect unsuspecting users with malware, reports Sophos Labs.

Hackers Build Fake YouTube Pages to Deliver Malware

A new program allows hackers to build YouTube replica Web pages that deliver malware to unsuspecting victims.

Google's New Chrome Browser Vulnerable to Exploits

Despite the two vulnerabilities discovered, Google has received much praise for Chrome's security features.

Don't Fall Victim to Hurricane Gustav Phishing Scams

SANS Internet Storm Center lists the slew of domain names registered around relief efforts for victims of hurricanes Gustav and Hanna, many of which are malicious in nature.

Hackers Have the Last Laugh

"Cursing out" hackers on fraudulent log-in screens accessed through a phishing e-mail can unleash a hack attack, according to a researcher at SecureWorks Inc.

Beware Breaking News Spam E-mails

Spammers are inundating inboxes with fake breaking news e-mails that lead to spoofed Web sites of and

Estonia to Help Georgia Fight Back Against Cyberattacks

Two Estonian computer security experts will arrive in Georgia tonight to help the country counteract a host of cyberattacks.

Security Pros Get Scammed by Black Hat Hackers

By posting fake profiles of prominent computer security professionals, two hackers showed Black Hat hacking conference attendees how even skeptical security experts can get scammed.

Russian Hacker Gang Targets Bank Accounts Without Fear

A Russian hacking outfit has stolen 463,000 usernames and passwords since 2005, according to a security researcher at SecureWorks Inc.

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