Colombia: Killers Post Two Hit Lists on Facebook; Three Teenagers Murdered

Unknown killers posted two hit lists on Facebook, listing 100 names from the Colombian town of Puerto Asis. Three teenagers on the list have met violent deaths.

URL Shortened Spam Continues to Grow

Spammers are increasingly using url shortening services to disguise links in spam and lure e-mail users to click on links they normally wouldn't, according to MessageLabs Intelligence.

President Needs Emergency Cybersecurity Powers, Sen. Collins Says

The White House needs to have the emergency authority to compel the private sector to protect U.S. critical infrastructure if it came under a sustained cyberattack, according to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) Tuesday.

A Disturbing Look at the IT Security Industry

Security expert John Viega gives a good introduction to the sorry state of the information security industry, says Mayer Nudell, CSC.

Google Cyberattack Used Run-of-the-Mill Attack Method

New details about the cyberthefts at Google late last year seem to prove one thing: even the best of us can fall for routine hacker tactics.

Data Breaches Can Lead to Beneficial Outcomes

Firms grow wiser after a data breach, a new Ponemon Institute study finds.

(From the April 2010 Issue)

Private Sector Best Defense Against Cyberattacks, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Says

Companies are the best defense against cyberattacks, said the White House's point man on cybersecurity yesterday, while he continued to downplay the probability of a cyber-catastrophe.

President Obama Picks Cybersecurity Czar

Seven months after calling cybersecurity critical to "public safety and national security," President Barack Obama today will name his pick for the nation's first cybersecurity czar.

Study: Pick Your (Online) Friends Wisely

It isn't always easy to turn down a request to be friends—especially in the context of online social networking.

U.S. Opens Cybersecurity Center

The United States on Friday took another step toward protecting the country from cyberattacks by consolidating its cyberdefense efforts into one state-of-the-art cybersecurity center, reports Computer Weekly.

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