Three International Hackers Indicted for "Sniffing" Payment Card Numbers

Three men allegedly "sniffed" an unknown amount of credit and debit card numbers from 11 Dave and Buster's restaurants nationally.

The Pharming Threat Grows

Pharming is proliferating throughout the world, but there are ways to protect yourself.

European Union to Extend the Life of Its Internet Security Agency

Some lawmakers, however, fear that the agency cannot protect the European Union from large-scale cyberattacks.

Business Executives are "Big Phish" to Hackers

Hackers are e-mailing phony subpoenas that, once opened, allow hackers to take control of corporate executives' computer or steal valuable information.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Under Denial-of-Service Attack

The network's management believes the government of Belarus is behind the attack.

Reported Cybercrime Cost U.S. $240 Million

Online auction fraud is the favored tactic of criminals to defraud their victims.

Don't Get Scammed

Identity thieves and other cybercriminals are on the prowl this tax season.

Leopard Killed First in Hacker Competition

The contest pitted hackers against three operating systems: Linux's Ubuntu, Mac's Leopard, and Microsoft's Vista.

Chinese Hack Attacks Worry Pentagon

The Defense Department, however, stops short of accusing the Chinese government of the attacks.

Conference Promotes Data Sharing Among CISOs

A new security conference organized by eBay gets CISOs to do what they are most reluctant to do: share data about information vulnerabilities.

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