Top Government Lab Hacked

In further proof that no one is safe from a determined cyberattacker, a top United States federal lab was the victim of a cyberattack earlier this month.

Attackers Exploit Trust in PDFs

Hackers have grown increasingly attracted to using PDF attachments to carry out targeted cyberattacks, cautions a new cybersecurity report.

Patients Uneasy About Security of Electronic Health Records

A new survey finds patients wary of the move to electronic health records and the ability of their healthcare providers to secure them.

Large-scale Cyberattack Knocks Parts of Canadian Government Offline

A large cyberattack traced back to servers in China and first detected in early January has led the Canadian government to shut down Internet access at two government departments.

Google Searches Warn Against Hacked Web Sites

In an effort to help its customers avoid compromised Web sites, Google has added a new tool to its search engine that notifies users when it has detected suspicious activity on a Web site.

GAO Finds Hackers Could Exploit Wireless Vulnerabilities

Congress's watchdog reports finds that many federal agencies inconsistently apply security guidelines and best practices, leaving government networks and information vulnerable to attack.

Mobile Malware Will Grow in 2011, Predicts IT Security Firm

Cybercriminals will feast on the insatiable demand for smartphones and tablets, like Apple's iPad, to infest as many devices with malware as possible in 2011, security firm M86 predicts.

Cybercriminals Try to Spear Retail Sector with Targeted Attacks

Over the last month the retail sector has become the targets of spear phishermen, a particularly devious and hard to detect targeted attack, according to the cybersecurity firm MessageLabs Intelligence.

DHS Cyber Team Helps Industry Secure Critical Infrastructure Networks

The Department of Homeland Security's ICS-Cyber Emergency Response Team is helping owners and operators secure their industrial control systems.

Symantec Discovers Fast Food Phishing Scam

A researcher at security software giant Symantec has discovered a new type of phishing attack that attempts to lure unsuspecting victims to give up financial information by using a survey.

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