Morning Security Brief: Nigeria Plane Crash, Tokyo Subway Attack Suspect Found, Four Guilty of Denmark Attack Plan, and More

New details emerge about the plane crash in Nigeria on Sunday. One of the last two suspects in the 1995 Tokyo subway attack is arrested. A Danish court finds four guilty of planning terror attacks. And more.

Mineta Publishes Study of Foiled Attacks on Public Transportation

Many terror plots against public transportation start with unrealistic aspirations that are eventually scaled down to meet realistic capability, according to a newly released report from a transportation research group that provides insight into terrorist weapons and tactics against ground transportation.

Researchers Hope Lessons Learned in Second Intifada Will Open Dialogue About U.S. Transit Security

Researchers at the Mineta Transportation Institute hope to open discussion of the safety of U.S. public transit systems with a study of attacks targeting bus systems in Israel, published on Thursday.

State Department Issues Mexico Travel Advisory in the Wake of Drug Violence

The U.S. State Department on Wednesday issued a Travel Advisory to U.S. citizens who may be traveling or making plans to travel to Mexico. The warning included recent murder and drug trafficking statistics and warned of recent kidnappings and disappearances.

TSA Reminds Travelers of iPhone App Ahead of the Holidays

TSA has created an app to help travelers find out how they can legally travel with firearms and other frequently asked about items. Also,TSA won't be unwrapping presents at security checkpoints.

Breast Cancer Survivor Creates Prosthesis ID Card for Travelers

A breast cancer survivor creates an ID card to help others using prostheses pass through security. It doesn’t exempt survivors from searches, but helps them move through security more discreetly.

Two Months Later, Post Columnist Sticking to His Account of 'TSA Scam'

And New York Post editors remain silent on the issue.

Grant Funds Should Target Highest Priority Rail Vulnerabilities

Since 2005, Amtrak and passenger rail transit agencies have received a billion dollars in federal grants to close security gaps. But, according to the Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General, funds have not always targeted the most critical vulnerabilities.

Trusted Traveler Pilot Set For Fall

TSA announces it will slowly roll out its trusted traveler pilot program this fall.

Survey Finds Security Directors Fear Latin America Most

A joint survey conducted by Control Risks and International SOS finds that business leaders believe Latin America is the riskiest region in the world to send their business travelers while terrorism and civil unrest continue to be the greatest travel concern for businesses.

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