Morning Security Brief: DOT Considers Ban on In-Flight Phone Calls, P.F. Chang's Security Breach, Child Exploitation, and More

The U.S. Department of Transportation may ban in-flight phone calls. Restaurant chain P.F. Chang's revealed more details about the security breach that hit its payment card network in June. Google has tipped off police to child pornography in a man's e-mail account. And more.

Making Sure that Employees Who Travel Consider Security

Sending employees to foreign countries on behalf of business can result in lucrative outcomes and new and exciting experiences for the traveler. Read more about how companies can properly prepare employees so that they can best protect themselves and the company’s proprietary information.

Operating in High-Risk Markets

By gathering intelligence, establishing local relationships, and developing crisis management plans, companies can reap the rewards of operating in high-risk countries.

DOT Proposes Mandatory Black Boxes for Passenger Vehicles

The U.S. Department of Transportation wants to require black boxes in passenger vehicles starting next year.

Morning Security Brief: Fare Cards, Piracy Stats, Wisconsin Shooting, and More

Fare cards being used to track location. Fewer pirate attacks this year than last. Wisconsin shooting was domestic violence related. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Benghazi Hearing, Disease Surveillance, iTravel, and More

U.S. holds a hearing on the Benghazi consulate attack. Biosecurity expert calls for a nationwide disease surveillance program. Apple working on a way to integrate phones with airport security. And more.

Transportation Security Perspective: Interview with former TSA administrator Kip Hawley

"I think they should do PreCheck for everybody...There’s nothing about a frequent flier that makes them more or less likely to be a terrorist."

Eight Questions About TSA’s 18 New Twitter Accounts

As part of what looks to be a massive information campaign by the Department of Homeland Security, TSA on Thursday announced the launch of 18 new Twitter accounts.

Hacker Working to Warn Airlines About Network Security Vulnerabilities

A UK-based hacker is working to warn major airlines of a vulnerability that allows access to sensitive information, but the companies he claims to have hacked say they have no evidence of a breach.

Morning Security Brief: Nigeria Plane Crash, Tokyo Subway Attack Suspect Found, Four Guilty of Denmark Attack Plan, and More

New details emerge about the plane crash in Nigeria on Sunday. One of the last two suspects in the 1995 Tokyo subway attack is arrested. A Danish court finds four guilty of planning terror attacks. And more.

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