NRA Releases Video on Its School Security Effort

The NRA is pushing its own approach to school security through its National School Shield initiative. Critics say the program would "weaponize" schools and may not be feasible or effective.

Problems at Fusion Centers Tied to Poor Training

A Senate report on DHS support for state and local fusion centers savages the department's training of personnel detailed to the intelligence shops.

Morning Security Brief: Police Training, Standardized Travel Advisories, Denied Records Requests, and More

Advocacy groups are calling for revised standards for serving warrants in the wake of recent police shootings. Indiana implements a statewide travel advisory system. The Canadian government says releasing photos of Taliban hairstyles would harm national security. And more.

Guns on Campus: To Carry or Not to Carry

After a campus shooting—especially a mass shooting as occurred at Virginia Tech in 2007—there are suggestions that if students or faculty had been armed, they could have defended themselves. Others see the mixture of concealed carry of firearms and campus life as a recipe for disaster.

A Force to Reckon With

It's a common scenario: A security officer makes an arrest and the suspect resists. The suspect is injured and files a lawsuit claiming that the officer used excessive force. Tommy J. Burns examines use of force in our July cover story.

Study: Training, Group Dynamics Critical in Airport Security Decision-Making

Only a third of European airport staff report being trained to spot security threats, and only a quarter said they frequently alert authorities when they see suspicious activity, according to the first findings of a research project aimed at developing more effective security training programs.

DARPA to Train Troops in Social Interaction

Military research division DARPA is planning to train troops on how to enter any type of social interaction, allowing warfighters to better engage strangers and understand previously unknown "rules of the game."

Airport Screeners Not Getting the Training They Need, Says DHS Report

The airport security workers who screen passengers, carry-on bags, and checked baggage are inadequately trained because of poor management by the Transportation Security Administration, reports the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general.

Homeland Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice

Author Charles P. Nemeth leads readers through the complex, heavy bureaucracy of those agencies and organizations responsible for U.S. homeland security.

Fending Off Pirates Through Robust Risk Management Programs

Ships transiting pirate-infested waters need a comprehensive risk management program to adequately defend themselves against attack.

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