Assembling an Archive of Terror: An interview with START director Gary LaFree

Security Management interviews the nation's premier archivist of terror.

Confession Details How Boko Haram Uses Stolen Cars to Support Terrorism Operations

Stolen cars provide a cheap way for Boko Haram operatives to amass VBIEDs and pass through security checkpoints, according to a captured member's confession. He also revealed internal fighting over loot, which analysts say could be a sign of increasing fragmentation.

Morning Security Brief: Underwear Bomber Sentencing, Fake Cancer Drugs, Security Biolabs, and More

The Underwear Bomber faces sentencing today. The FDA is investigating how fake cancer drugs ended up in circulation. Reuters examines how biolabs are secured. And more.

Malaysian Professor Can Sue to Find Out If She Remains on No-Fly List

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a Malaysian woman can sue the government to find out whether she is still on the no-fly list.

Return of The Troubles?

Dissident Republican terror groups want to plunge Northern Ireland back into the violence of yesteryear, but they won’t, say peace and justice activists.

U.S. No-Fly List Doubles in One Year

A year ago the list had around 10,000 known terrorists and now has 21,000, according to government data provided to the Associated Press.

Morning Security Brief: U.S. Terrorism Hot Spots Mapped, Boko Haram Spokesman Arrested, Airborne Smugglers, and More

A UMD professor maps U.S. terrorism "hot spots." Borko Haram's spokesman talked a little too much. Colorado authorities tight-lipped on smuggling operation running out of the Boulder airport. And more.

Researcher Reports a Surge in Social Media Use By Subversive Groups

Terror groups are increasingly taking to the Internet, social media Web sites specifically, for recruitment, financing, and information sharing, according to an Israeli researcher.

The Mark Center Makes Its Mark

Learn how a new consolidated Department of Defense facility, the Mark Center, is setting the bar for physical security that will likely be adopted for other high-security buildings as well.

U.S. Government Asks Science Journals to Redact Flu Research

National Institute of Health officials are asking two science journals to remove or redact information gathered from flu experiments out of biosecurity concerns.

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