Supply Chain Security

A White House strategy for using layered security and other measures to protect the supply chain gets mixed reviews.

New Report Examines Resiliency of U.S. Transportation Systems

A new report from a prominent bipartisan think tank questions the resiliency of the U.S. transportation system and the global supply chain if a major terrorist attack occurred.

CIA Releases Cache of Al Qaeda, 9-11 Docs

The CIA has released 800 pages of newly declassified documents on al Qaeda and the September 11 attacks in response to a Freedom of Information request from a national security blog.

Industry, Lawmaker Question TSA Surface Transportation Security Programs

Rep. Mike Rogers and industry representatives questioned aspects of TSA surface transportation security programs during a hearing yesterday.

Denver FBI Warns of Jihadist Wildfire Threat

The FBI’s Denver Field Office has warned Colorado and Wyoming law enforcement of the potential threat that jihadists could start wildfires as a form of terrorist attack.

The 'Art of Clandestine Courier Delivery' Helped Bin Laden Stay Hidden for So Long

Bin Laden recognized that practicing good OPSEC made operations slower, but saw it as a necessary trade-off for secure communication.

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Train to Detect 'Mother of Satan'

Peroxide-based explosives are one of the newer threats domestically and abroad, said Cody Monday, an ATF dog trainer. ATF teams travel nationwide to train and certify law enforcement and military explosives detection dogs.

Myspace Settles with FTC Over Shady 'Pre-Acquisition Advertising Practices'

A social networking site has agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over charges that it misled users about how their personal information was being used.

Transitioning Technologies For Use By First Responders

The commercialization of technologies to help first responders was discussed at a House hearing today by the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate First Responders Division Director.

Al Qaeda Worried Collateral Damage From Chemical Attacks Would Hurt Its Image

In 2007, al Qaeda suspended using chlorine gas as a weapon while waiting for guidance on whether or not to continue the practice, according to documents published online.

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