Google Latitude Provokes Privacy Fears

One of the world's foremost privacy organizations has slammed Google's new Latitude feature that allows people to track each other from their phones or computers as they go about their daily business.

Cambridge City Council Stops Activation of Surveillance Cameras

In the enduring controversy over whether surveillance cameras bring security or erode privacy, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently voted to halt the activation of eight security cameras because the public has yet to be told what precisely the cameras will be used for, reports The Boston Globe.

Face-blurring Technology in CCTV Systems Could Protect Privacy, Researcher Says

The omnipresence of sophisticated CCTV systems and its impact on privacy has led one researcher to propose an opt-in facial blurring technology for people uncomfortable under the gaze of surveillance systems.

Pittsburgh's Waterfront Installs Security Cameras

Pittsburgh's The Waterfront has invested in new security cameras to deter crime after two fatal shootings this summer, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

What it Took to Protect Obama Last Night at Grant Park

As more than a hundred thousand people descended on Grant Park in Chicago to watch Senator Barack Obama's victory speech last night, layers upon layers of security protected the president-elect.

Report Explores Terrorist Use of Web-to-Mobile Phone Technologies

Terrorist groups, says U.S. Army intelligence, could use mobile phones and online technologies, such as Twitter, to bolster their effectiveness.

US May Have Illegally Listened in on Citizens' Calls

The Senate is looking into allegations that the National Security Agency listened in on and shared information about calls made by Americans living abroad.

Maryland State Police Spied on Nonviolent Activists and Labeled Them Terrorists

The Maryland State Police has sent a letter to notify those whose names appear in its database as terrorists.

Controverisal Satellite Spying Program Set to Begin

The Department of Homeland Security is set to start a controversial satellite spying program, despite privacy concerns.

China's Surveillance State from the Olympic Games and Onward

In preparation for the Olympic Games, the Chinese government has installed 300,000 surveillance cameras to monitor the activities of activists, journalists, and visitors for now and into the future.

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