ACLU: Level of Government Surveillance Violates Founders' Intent

The American Civil Liberties Union has launched a new project on its Web site called Spy Files to track incidents of illegal domestic spying by federal, state, and local government.

New Tool Takes Aim at Mobile Eavesdropping Threats

Laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices are increasingly coming equipped with webcams and other sensor devices, according to a new Microsoft study. But such sensors represent a ripe way for hackers to eavesdrop on device owners, the researchers warn.

Attorney Requests Access to Computers of Possible "Voyeur" School Administrator

An attorney for a student who was surreptitiously photographed via a school-issued laptop has requested additional discovery after learning that the school took thousands of photos of other students.

DHS Wants to Turn Cell Phones Into Chemical Sensors

The Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) research and development arm wants to turn the smartphone in your pocket into the high-tech equivalent of a canary in a coalmine—all for about a dollar a phone.

How One Cold War Incident Changed the Spy Game

A former member of the Diplomatic Security Service recounts one of the murky moments in Cold War history when espionage went hi-tech.

Webcamgate: Student Accuses Suburban Philly High School of Using Webcam to Spy on Him

A 15-year-old student and his parents have sued a suburban Philadelphia school district after discovering administrators covertly snapped pictures of him while at home on his school-owned laptop computer.

Security Cameras Not Recording During Breach at Newark Airport

The Transportation Security Administration has revealed that security cameras positioned at a terminal's exit were not recording on Sunday when a man breached security at Newark Liberty International Airport, according to

DHS Improperly Investigated and Surveilled U.S. Muslims, Documents Reveal

Documents obtained by two civil liberties organizations reveal during the Bush administration that the Department of Homeland Security improperly investigated and surveilled American Muslims who had no ties to criminal activity or terrorism.

Lawsuit Seeks Information on How Government Uses Social-Networking Sites

A prominent hi-tech civil liberties organization has filed suit in federal court yesterday to impel a half-dozen government agencies to disclose the policies and procedures that govern how they access, collect, and store information from social networking Web sites.

BlackBerry App Can Spy on You, US CERT Warns

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has warned BlackBerry users that a new application has the ability to turn their smartphone into a surveillance tool.

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