Report: Evidence Doesn’t Support UC Davis Claims of Outside Actors in Protests

An investigation into the police pepper-spraying incident at UC Davis last November finds no evidence to support the university's claims that police were protecting students from nonstudents, according to a task force report.

Most Multiple-Victim Campus Shootings Perpetrated by Current or Former Grad Students

Lack of life balance paired with stress from high academic expectations are common threads among campus shootings with multiple victims says James Alan Fox, criminology professor at Northeastern University.

Judge Overturns Fine Against Virginia Tech for Mass Notification Delay in 2007 Shooting

Virginia Tech didn’t violate federal law when it took two hours to notify students of the first shootings in a 2007 incident that left 32 people dead before the shooter, Seung Hui Cho, took his own life, ruled the U.S. Department of Education’s chief administrative judge on Friday.

Police Release Name of Officer Killed at Virginia Tech

Deriek W. Crouse, a 39-year-old husband,father of five children and four-year veteran was killed Thursday afternoon by a gunman who’s name has yet to be released.

Guns on Campus: To Carry or Not to Carry

After a campus shooting—especially a mass shooting as occurred at Virginia Tech in 2007—there are suggestions that if students or faculty had been armed, they could have defended themselves. Others see the mixture of concealed carry of firearms and campus life as a recipe for disaster.

GAO Issues Report on Sexual Abuse of Kids in K-12 Schools

Schools across the country have hired people who have sexually exploited or targeted children in the past, according to a Government Accountability Office report.

Pakistan Shuts Down Schools After Suicide Bombings, Increases Security Amid Terrorism Fears

The Pakistani government has closed the country's schools to protect educational institutions after twin suicide bombings ripped through the International Islamic University (IIU) earlier this week.

Philadelphia-Area Schools Invest in Sex Offender Screening Software

School districts in the Philadelphia area are installing a visitor tracking software solution to screen out sex offenders and other undesireables to prevent them from gaining access to their school buildings' hallways and classrooms, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

86 Percent of Public Schools Reported Crimes in '05-'06 School Year

Eighty-six percent of public schools reported at least one or more crimes in the 2005-2006 school year, according to new statistics on indicators of school crime and safety.

Man with Painted Face Kills Two Babies and One Adult at Belgium Nursery

A man with a painted white face and blackened eyes walked into a Belgian nursery today and slaughtered two children and one adult with a knife, according to various media reports.

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