Black Swans and the Challenge of Mitigating the Unknown

School shootings are uncommon and unpredictable. As such, they might be classified as “Black Swans”, events which are random yet produce extreme impacts. It is perhaps more productive to focus on what is known about such attacks and direct mitigation measures accordingly.

Morning Security Brief: Newtown Funerals Begin, Afghanistan Kidnappings, and More

Six adults and 20 children were killed in Friday’s shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school. The first two funerals are scheduled for this morning as schools around the country reassess their security plans.

Auburn Hires Private Security to Make Sure Football Team Keeps Curfew

Auburn University’s football program has hired private security to keep players from breaking curfew, but the school is reluctant to disclose details of the unique contract.

FBI Says It's Not Storing Information on New Site Geared Toward Middle School Students

The FBI says that it is not collecting private information of children who log on to its new Internet safety site that lets schools compete against each other in online safety competitions.

Miami Police Deploy Alerting Software at Select Schools

The Miami Police Department has joined with Miami-Dade Schools Police Department to deploy a new emergency awareness product at select schools that can instantly and quietly alert police when problems arise.

Hard Lessons

Virginia Tech has learned hard lessons from the 2007 mass shooting on its campus, and it now works to apply that painful knowledge to prevent a recurrence and to help others avoid a similar tragedy.

Report: Sex Offenders Hide Identities to Circumvent Parole Rules

About 16 percent of sex offenders attempt to hide or change their identities in an effort to circumvent parole rules aimed at preventing them from striking again, according to a recent study.

Lawmaker Says Maryland Schools Should be Able to Afford Epinephrine

The Maryland lawmaker who introduced a bill that would require school personnel to be trained to respond to anaphylaxis says schools should be able to afford the cost of Epi-Pens, despite concerns by school districts over the costs of the medicine.

Legislation Falls Short, Maryland Department of Education to Mandate Schools Buy Their Own Epinephrine

The Maryland State legislature has mandated that public schools train personnel to respond to anaphylactic shock by administering epinephrine. However there's one problem: the law didn't mandate schools stockpile the medication.

Maryland Requires Schools to Stock Epinephrine for Emergency Use

Maryland Gov. Martin O' Malley signs a bill into law that requires schools to establish a policy to authorize employees to administer auto–injectable epinephrine in allergy emergencies. Only Nebraska and Virginia have similar laws.

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