Morning Security Brief: Nevada Middle School Shooting, Google's Free Cyber Protection, TSA Prescreening Expands, And More

A school shooting in Reno, Nevada, has left one teacher and the shooter dead; Google unveils Project Shield, which offers free cyber protection to news and human rights organizations; details on the TSA's prescreening program, which has expanded to search databases containing more personal information; and more.

Morning Security Brief: Government Shutdown and DHS; Marine Leaders Disciplined, School Security in Nigeria, and More

A majority of the Department of Homeland Security's work force will remain on the job during the U.S. government shutdown; two Marine Corps leaders are ordered to retire early after a security breach last year on a base in Afghanistan; Nigeria adds more security in and around schools after a deadly shooting on a university campus; and more.

A Look at How School Training for an Active Shooter Is Evolving

Schools are exploring ways to increase the odds of survival in an active-shooter situation during the time before police arrive. The traditional lockdown is still being encouraged, but training is evolving to include other components.

Morning Security Brief: SIM Card Security Flaw, Faster Airport Screening, EU Blacklists Hezbollah, and More

A flaw in the encryption technology used in many SIM cards could make cell phones vulnerable, the U.S. government is offering expedited security screening at airports for a fee, European Union ministers meeting in Brussels today placed Hezbollah on its list of terrorist organizations, and more.

Morning Security Brief: China Expands Broadband, Pennsylvania Schools Add Security, and Lobbyists Take on Cybersecurity

China expands broadband Internet coverage for homes and businesses, schools in the Philadelphia area add security systems to monitor visitors, and Washington lobbyists take an interest in cybersecurity issues.

Morning Security Brief: New Law Arms Teachers, DHS Must Turn Over Documents, and School Searches E-mails

South Dakota becomes the first state to pass a law to arm school teachers, the government must release documents on the safety of airport scanners, and administrators at Harvard search the e-mail accounts of employees to uncover who leaked information to the press.

Morning Security Brief: Newspaper Hires Armed Guards, Schools Increase Security, Active-Shooter Video Training, and More

The paper that published gun-owner information has hired armed security officers. Schools are increasing police presence. Alabama has released an active-shooter incident training video. A hacked server at Penn State may have given up personal information on former students.

The Evolution of School Security

To ignore past history will only encourage school administrators to repeat the same mistakes all over again.

FULL VIDEO: NRA Calls for Armed Guards in Schools

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre blamed video games and the media for the nation's violence and called for schools to revamp their security programs by adding armed guards.

Morning Security Brief: Benghazi Report, Stand Your Ground Shooting, Boy Brings Gun to School, Retailer Removes AR-15 Rifles

A report on Benghazi says security there was grossly lacking. Florida's "stand your ground" law has been cited as justification in a pizzeria shooting. A Utah boy brought a gun to school for "protection" in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings. Dick's Sporting Goods has removed from sales the semiautomatic rifle used in the killings.

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