Virginia Tech, Kaine Lobby for Campus Security Study

Funds sought for study to secure open public environments.

Private Sector Provides Recommendations on Preparedness Standards

A group of private-sector associations, including ASIS International, have issued a report on security standards being mandated by the Department of Homeland Security.

Massive Waste at DHS, Says Report

A new report from a private watchdog group "details billions of dollars in waste and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars" at DHS.

A New Form of Electromagnetic Radiation Could Bolster Airport and National Security

Scientists at the DOE's Argonne National Laboratory may be able to harness the power of T-rays for more effective checkpoint screening.

Balancing Science and Security

America's scientific community is worried government fears of terrorism will stop the flow of information, researchers, and students necessary for America's continued scientific supremacy.

Bacterium May Have Killed 19,000 in 2005

Researchers say M.R.S.A., a virulent drug-resistant bacterium found in hospitals and nursing homes, could account for more deaths than HIV/AIDS.

Va. Tech Panel Releases Report on Massacre

University officials, university police, and mental health system criticized.

Study Contradicts Perception Police More Trigger Happy in Black Communities

A new study finds police are significantly less trigger happy when deciding to shoot unarmed black men than the overall community.

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