Biodefense Lab Finds Home in Manhattan, Kansas

The Department of Homeland Security approved plans yesterday to build a biodefense lab in Kansas despite fears that a pathogenic release could spread deadly diseases throughout the mid-West's agricultural sector.

Are Robot Soldiers More Ethical than Humans?

A research scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology is hypothesizing that intelligent robots can behave more ethically than humans on the battlefield.

With New Nonlethal Weapons Comes Controversy

New nonlethal weapons near release and in development spark debate: "Just how safe are they?"

Government to Fund Synthetic Telepathy Research

A team of researchers at University of California Irvine will study the use of synthetic telepathy.

Anti-Terror Toxin Rules May Impede Research and International Cooperation, Say Experts

Scientists complain of red tape that hinders their ability to construct research facilities that handle deadly agents and share such agents with international partners.

NIST Calls for Better Technologies to Spot Infrastructure Decay

NIST will invest in research to develop technology that can identify critical infrastructures in need of repair and replacement.

Digital Photos: Seeing Shouldn't Always Lead to Believing

Powerful software programs can make it difficult to know whether a digital photograph is the real McCoy or a fraud.

Boise Most Vulnerable City in Western U.S. to Terrorist Attack

Many cities on the East Coast are highly vulnerable to a terrorist attack, especially those with ports.

Heart Monitors Can Be Hacked, Researchers Say

A research team has hacked into a defibrillator, but says the possibility that others will try and succeed are low.

Radiation Detection Machine Tests Inconclusive, Report Says

Despite their previous statements that the radiation detection machines worked, DHS now says a new round of tests cannot show whether the machines can "detect and identify actual objects that might be smuggled."

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