Morning Security Brief: Texas Bolsters Border Security, Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage, Railroad Security, and More

Texas will increase its border security funding to deal with a surge of immigrants from Central America. The RAND Corporation has released a study examining the shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the United States. Senators have released a bill requesting funding for a Short Line Rail Safety Institute.

Researcher: Empowering Civil Society is Right Approach to Disaster Recovery

Local organizations, like churches, charities, and businesses, should lead recovery efforts rather than government after natural disasters, a researcher argues.

Device Could Allow Cell Phones to Detect Bioagents

In 2004, researcher Nosang Myung started building a miniature device that could detect airborne toxins. Eight years later, the newest prototype is about a month from completion.

Researchers Offer New Solution to Active Shooter Mitigation

Colleges and universities seeking to reduce casualties on campus during an active shooter incident should invest in networked technologies that would limit the gunman’s access to easy targets.

Safecast Uses Kickstarter to Fund Citizens' Geiger Counter

A campaign to increase public radiation data raises more than $100,000 in two weeks.

Morning Security Brief: NRF 2011 Survey, Electronic Monitoring, TSA Shakedown, and More

The NRF says that the rise in retail crime numbers is a result of enforcement efforts and criminals becoming more desperate. Charlotte expands its electronic monitoring program. TSA fires five and suspends 38 for failing to screen passengers properly. And more.

Report: Biometric Data Being Collected with 'Little to No Standards, Oversight, or Transparency'

The extensive collection and sharing of biometric information among government agencies is detrimental to both immigrant communities and U.S. citizens because of possible errors and a breakdown of privacy, says a joint white paper released by the Immigration Policy Center and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Truman Project Releases National Security Manual

A D.C.-based leadership institute released its biennial national security manual to provide policy-makers and national security practitioners with a tool to quickly understand hot topics in national security.

Force Science Institute Examines Traffic Stop Safety

A law enforcement research center is looking for ways to protect police officers during traffic stops and help officers cope with memory loss that occurs during traumatic events.

NYPD Developing Body Scanners to Detect Weapons, But Application May Still Be Years Away

The NYPD is developing a new technology that would allow police to see whether a person was carrying a weapon from a distance, but technology fitting the departments' desired specifications may still be years away.

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