Study: Global Software Piracy Rises

Global software piracy increased in 2008, costing software vendors an estimated $53 billion dollars, according to an Agence France Presse report based on an annual survey from the Business Software Alliance and IDC.

The Culture of Convenience Threatens IT Security, Intelligence Official Says

The culture of convenience surrounding information technologies concerns one of the U.S. intelligence community's top officials.

Hackers Don't Always Use High Technology

Security researcher tells hacker conference that criminals don't only use high-tech techniques to get at confidential information.

U.K.: Third Data Breach in One Week

Prime Minister Gordon Brown tells his cabinet to make sure top civil servants follow proper data protection policies.

U.K.: Another Set of Sensitive Intel Documents Left on Train

In another intelligence breach, more classified documents were found on a British commuter train.

Stanford University Laptop Stolen; 72,000 at Risk of Identity Theft

The laptop held the personal information, including names, addresses, and Social Security numbers, of as many as 72,000 employees.

New WTC Plans Found in Trash Can

A homeless man Thursday found floor diagrams for the New York City's planned Freedom Tower dumped in a street-side garbage can.

Recent Prosecutions Reveal China's Network of Spies

Intelligence officials warn China has recruited a vast network of spies to gather confidential information on U.S. military technology as well as private corporate technology.

No Document Security Required, Says Contractor of Canada's Counterterrorism Center

The contractor building Canada's new counterterrorism facility did not have to follow any industrial security requirements despite the sensitive nature of its work.

Canadian Counterterrorism Building Plans Found in Garbage

No word yet whether the government will have to revise the building's plans for security reasons.

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