EU Proposes Stricter Data Collection Rules

The European Union (EU) yesterday issued a strategy paper aimed at strengthening the protection of personal data collected by social networking and other Web sites.

Analysts “Like” New Facebook Privacy Controls

For at least a year, Facebook has faced increasing criticism over its handling of users’ privacy.

Morning Security Brief: Background Investigations, Immigration Stats, Phone Security, and Anti-Counterfeiting Language

Federal background investigators' handling of personal data they collect needs better oversight. Immigration enforcement claims are challenged. AT&T reportedly told by government not to buy certain phone equipment from a Chinese company. And draft of anti-counterfeiting agreement no longer has most controversial provisions.

Senate Committee Pushes for Stronger Cloud Privacy Laws

Senators at a Judiciary Committee hearing last week expressed strong support for updating and clarifying a key law affecting the government’s ability to access remotely stored, or “in the cloud,” data.

Morning Security Brief: NIST Issues Testing Procedures, Dreadlocks Not a Clear Sign of Religion, and HHS Withdraws Privacy Rule

New cybersecurity procedures for testing health information are issued; an applicant who sued a security guard company may not pursue his religious discrimination claim; and a federal health agency has withdrawn a final rule over privacy concerns.

HP Boosts Privacy Policy Accountability Through It's Own Internal Software Tool

Hewlett-Packard developed a software tool that has helped employees comply with the company's privacy policy.

Police Must Obtain a Warrant Before Using GPS Tracking

A federal appeals court has ruled that police may not use a global positioning satellite unit to track a person’s movements for a long period of time without a warrant.

Identity Thieves Selling Kids' Social Security Numbers

The Social Security numbers of children are the newest hot commodity in the identity theft marketplace.

The Pursuit of Next-Generation Explosives Detection

New explosive detection technologies try to keep pace with terrorist innovation, exemplified by the Christmas Day attempt against a U.S.-bound airliner.

ESPN Reporter Pushes Tough Antistalking Bill

Victimized ESPN reporter Erin Andrews this week urged Congress to pass antistalking legislation that would toughen sentencing and allow law enforcement to pursue stalking undertaken via cell phone or the Internet.

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