TSA Will Retest Backscatter Scanners As Hearing Delves Deeper Into Machines

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced Friday that it will retest the amount of potentially harmful radiation emitted by full-body X-ray scanners at U.S. airports by the end of March.

Strong Privacy Officers Lead to Strong Privacy Programs, Says DHS Official

There are numerous challenges involved in creating and running a strong privacy department.

Patients Uneasy About Security of Electronic Health Records

A new survey finds patients wary of the move to electronic health records and the ability of their healthcare providers to secure them.

Full Body Scanners Feature Prominently in DHS's 2012 Budget Request

Despite past outrage and lingering health concerns, the White House's 2012 budget proposal has requested $105.2 million to roll out an additional 275 full body scanners at U.S. airports.

Facebook Offers Secure HTTPS Option

Facebook recently announced it will begin letting users connect to its service through an “always on” encrypted connection.

Big Brother Sleeps During the Day in Brookline, But Awakes as Night Falls

SituCon Systems electronic eyelid allows Brookline, Massachusetts, to protect its citizens' privacy during the day but watch over them at night.

FTC: Companies Should Simplify Privacy Policies for Customers

A Federal Trade Commission official says privacy policies are "broken" and offers solutions.

Opposites Agree on Data Mining's Importance and the Need for Controls

Data mining, critical in the fight against terror, needs both an image makeover and a government-wide policy to ensure transparency and protection of civil liberties, according to a panel of experts from across the ideological spectrum.

Schumer Introduces Bill Criminalizing Recording or Distributing of Full Body Scans

In the latest effort to balance security and privacy at U.S. airports, New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer introduced legislation yesterday to criminalize the recording or distributing of images generated by controversial full body scanners.

Protest Calls for Opting Out of Full Body Scan on Busiest Travel Day of Year

The row over full body scanners just got more acrimonious as a grassroots campaign has called for minor civil disobedience at airports on the busiest travel day of the year, while a man's refusal to submit to a pat-down search over the weekend has gone viral on

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