Pew Data Shows Increased Concern For Privacy Online

Women are more selective about who they share information with online and less likely to post things they regret, according to a new Pew survey on Internet privacy.

YouPorn Blames Third Party Provider for Data Breach

Registered users should “rest assured” that none of their data has been exposed, according to a statement released Thursday afternoon by the popular adult Web site YouPorn. There's still no official number on how many people were affected.

Morning Security Brief: Muslim Student Surveillance, D Block Reallocated, The 'Arms Race' for Your Personal Data, and More

The NYPD left the city to spy on Muslim students. Congress passes first responder spectrum legislation. Why Web sites want your personal information so badly. And more.

Why Valentine’s Day Surveillance May Not Be a Good Idea

Before you decide to track your spouse...

U.S., Europe Privacy Practices

The United States may have to adopt more stringent data privacy rules to stay competitive in a global market.

Healthcare Industry Still Struggling with Information Breaches

The healthcare industry experiences more data breaches than any other industry, according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse data. Most breaches came after portable data devices went missing.

Study Finds Online Privacy Tools Ineffective

Tools that aim to let Web surfers block companies from tracking their online surfing are currently ineffective, according to a new study from Carnegie Mellon University.

Morning Security Brief: Counter-Meth Funding Cuts, Prison Cell Phones, HIPAA, and More

Meth investigations come to a halt after federal funding is cut. Louisiana prisons consider a plan to block cell phone signals. An Android app lets you wipe your phone remotely. And more.

Analyst Describes Privacy Policy Best Practices

Many privacy policies could benefit by becoming more concise, legible, and tailored to the privacy-related needs of customers and other relevant readers, according to an analyst at this week’s Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit.

Lack of Text Message Storage May Hinder Law Enforcement

Text messages can sometimes be helpful in criminal investigations, but the messages are stored so briefly by telephone companies that it can often be challenging for law enforcement to obtain them.

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