ACLU Finds Explosion in DOJ Electronic Surveillance

In between 2009 and 2011, the ACLU finds the Department of Justice communication intercepts have increased 64 percent.

FTC Settles with Companies for Spying on Rental Computers

The FTC has come to an agreement with seven computer rental companies and a computer software company for allegedly spying on rental customers.

GAO: Agencies Should Address Drone Security and Privacy Concerns

Congress's watchdog says federal agencies should address drone privacy and security concerns sooner rather than later.

U.S. Groups Back Strong E.U. Privacy Proposal

Twenty-two U.S. privacy and consumer groups have written a letter to the European Parliament supporting a strong new European Union data protection law.

Twitter Appeals Ruling on Providing Protester’s Information

Twitter earlier this week appealed a judge’s order requiring the company to turn over tweets and other information of an Occupy Wall Street protester.

Court Rules Video Privacy Act Applies Online

A Northern California court has ruled that the Video Privacy Protection Act, passed in 1988, applies to online streaming video companies just as it has to older brick-and-mortar video stores.

Government Finalizes Privacy Settlement with Facebook

The FTC has finalized a settlement with Facebook over charges that the social media giant deceived the public by telling them they could keep their Facebook information private and then disseminating that information.

Screen Scraping Security

Companies that use scanning tools to search for data must be careful to avoid violating privacy laws.

Lawmakers Query Data Brokers on Privacy

A bipartisan group of lawmakers have sent letters to nine of the country’s largest data aggregating companies, asking them questions about how they collect, use, and sell consumer data to third parties.

Lawmakers Consider the Security and Civil Liberty Implications of Domestic Drones

Lawmakers Thursday debated the costs and benefits of integrating unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones, into the national airspace, particularly whether terrorist groups or other adversaries could use the pilotless aircraft to carry out attacks and whether UAVs threaten American civil liberties.

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