UN Personnel No Longer Protected From Attack

"Our blue flag does not protect us anymore," UN official says.

Blackwater Founder Defends His Contractors

Says his contractors are not cowboys before a congressional committee.

Blackwater USA Sought to Cover Up Deadly Iraq Shootings

A new congressional report faults the State Department for its lack of accountability and its permissiveness regarding the private security contractor.

Blackwater USA Banned from Iraq

Firefight in Baghdad leaves eight bystanders dead.

Top Cops Split on Liberalizing Concealed Weapons for Officers

Before a congressional subcommittee hearing yesterday, representatives from the leading national police organizations testified on whether Congress should liberalize the ability of current and former police officers to carry concealed firearms.

Nigeria Cannot MEND It's Kidnapping Problem

In Nigeria, kidnappings of foreign workers keep increasing. Learn what companies should do to protect their workers from being nabbed in this online exclusive, "Perils Amid the Profits in the Niger Delta."


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