Private Security Companies Move to the High-Seas

Governments and corporations alike have hired private maritime security contractors to provide training and protection services to defend their marine assets.

Three More Ports Enroll in TWIC

Today workers will enroll at the ports of Tacoma, Washington; Honolulu,Hawaii; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Piracy on the Rebound

Modern pirates make huge profits by plundering ships.

DHS Pilot Program to Test Small Vessels for Radiological Threats

The Puget Sound in Washington state and waterways in San Diego will be the test sites for a new Department of Homeland Security pilot program to test small vessels for radiological devices and materials.

Following Recommended Security Practices Helps Ship Fend Off Pirates

An attempted pirate attack on the U.S. flagged ship Maersk Alabama in the Indian Ocean was thwarted by security forces aboard the vessel, according to the New York Times. It's the same ship that was seized in April, with the captain held captive until rescued by navy snipers.

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