TWIC Compliance Starts Today; Critics Angry Card Readers Not Deployed

Today marks the national compliance day for TWIC, but some stakeholders are angry card readers are not being rolled out with ID cards.

Obama Pledges to Stop Somali Piracy, Wary of Taking Fight on Land

President Barack Obama is weighing many different options on how to handle the scourge of piracy off the coast of Somalia after American snipers killed the three pirates holding American merchant captain Richard Phillips captive on Sunday, reports The New York Times.

American Captain Freed by U.S. Snipers

Captain Richard Phillips, held hostage by Somali pirates for five days, was freed yesterday in a daring rescue operation by U.S. snipers, reports The New York Times.

American Captain Attempts Escape and Fails

The situation involving four pirates holding an American captain captive in his vessel's stolen life boat off the coast of Somalia has taken a darker, more dangerous turn today when the captain dove into the sea to escape.

Kidnapped Captain and His Second-in-Command Trained in Antipiracy

The Maersk Alabama's captain and second-in-command were both trained in anti-piracy tactics, according to The Los Angeles Times.

American Crew Retakes Ship from Somali Pirates

The American crew of the U.S.-flagged Maersk Alabama, captured by pirates off the coast of Somalia this morning, has reportedly retaken the ship, although pirates fled in the ship's lifeboat with one crew member, according to press reports.

Two European Tankers Pirated Off of Somali Coast

Two European-owned chemical tankers have been captured by pirates off the coast of Somalia over the past 24 hours, according to the Maritime Security Centre-Horn of Arica

Port of Long Beach Fusion Center Opens

The Port of Long Beach, California, opened its new $21 million command and control center for port security yesterday, completing a project conceived immediately after the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

Japanese Whalers Shoot Radical Environmentalists with Sonic Blasts

Radical environmental activists have accused a Japanese whaling vessel off the coast of Antartica of attacking them with a gun that shoots an ear-shattering wave of sound at its targets.

U.S. Navy Nears Deal with Unidentified Country to Prosecute Somali Pirates

The U.S. Navy is close to brokering a deal with an unidentified country to prosecute Somali pirates its captures at sea.

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