Technology Shortfalls, Costs, and Logistics Among Impediments to Cargo Screening, Says Homeland Security Head

Speaking at a congressional hearing on transportation security challenges,Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano laid out the many impediments to achieving 100 percent screening of maritime cargo.

Recommended Security Practices Help Ship Fend Off Pirates

An attempted pirate attack on the U.S. flagged ship Maersk Alabama in the Indian Ocean was thwarted by security forces aboard the vessel, according to the New York Times. It's the same ship that was seized in April, with the captain held captive until rescued by Navy snipers.

Phillips Gives Maritime Advice to CSOs

Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama spoke with Security Management about his recent experience as a hostage after pirates hijacked his ship.(Coverage from the ASIS International 55th Annual Seminar and Exhibits)

Multinational Cooperation Tries to Take Fight to Somalia's Pirates

A host of nations, international organizations, and the maritime shipping industry reaffirmed their commitment to combat piracy off the Horn of Africa at a recent United Nations meeting, including a trust fund to help prosecute pirates.

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Interview Gives Insight into Somali Pirates' Capture, Ransom Strategy

Wired's interview with a Somali pirate gives insight into the buccaneers' strategic considerations when choosing to hijack and to hold a vessel hostage.

Company Calls for Armed Federal Security on U.S. Ships in Pirate-Infested Waters

Shipping executive Philip J. Shapiro of Liberty Maritime Corp. testified before Congress this morning, calling on the federal government to post U.S. security personnel on ships traveling through pirate-infested waters.

Coast Guard Releases Antipiracy Rules

The United States Coast Guard has released newly formulated guidelines for U.S.-flagged ships traveling through pirate-infested waters, reports The Navy Times.


The Globalization of Somali Piracy

The breadth of Somalia's piracy criminal network is shockingly big, as at least one group of pirates has sent informers to London to provide intelligence and reconaissance on intended targets, reports the Guardian.

Ships Should Provide Their Own Pirate Defenses

During two separate congressional hearings yesterday on piracy off the coast of Somalia, a U.S. defense official and a shipping executive told lawmakers that ships should provide their own security.

Ron Paul's Piracy Plan: Let Ships Arm and Defend Themselves

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) wants to invoke a principle from the early United States republic to allow ships to defend themselves from pirates when traveling through international waters.

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