Morning Security Brief: Arrest Records, Maritime Cybersecurity, Maricopa County Immigration, and More

A new study says a third of Americans have been arrested. The EU issues its first report on maritime cybersecurity. DHS takes over immigration duties from Maricopa County. And more.

State Department Says Commercial Ships Should Use Armed Guards for Protection

The UN Security Council on Tuesday adopted a resolution calling for members to cooperate with the Somali government to use “all necessary means” to combat piracy. The State Department has suggested private security protect ships in dangerous waters.

Watching Over the Waterways

When most people think about small watercraft, they're probably thinking jet skis and pontoon boats. The U.S. Coast Guard however, thinks of how easy it would be for an attacker to weaponize one of these innocuous-looking vessels.

DIY Drones Will Be the Next Threat to Port Security

Maritime drones help secure harbors, but their cheap cost could make them the next threat to maritime security as well.

Coast Guard Program Focuses Its Attention on Marinas and Boat Ramps

In an effort to stop the possibility of a terrorist attack on U.S. waters, Coast Guardsmen will become more like cops on the beat, a Coast Guard commander said yesterday at a maritime security expo.

National Maritime Security Training Center Opens at Port of LA

Federal, state, and city homeland security stakeholders inaugurated the Maritime Law Enforcement Training Center at the Port of Los Angeles yesterday.

DHS Data on Illegal Seafarers Unreliable, Says GAO Report

The Department of Homeland Security cannot say how many foreign seafarers have entered the country illegally at U.S. seaports because of data accuracy problems at two of its agencies, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Fending Off Pirates Through Robust Risk Management Programs

Ships transiting pirate-infested waters need a comprehensive risk management program to adequately defend themselves against attack.

Customs Search that Uncovered Child Pornography is Constitutional

The suspicionless search of a crewmember’s cabin aboard a ship did not violate the crewmember’s Fourth Amendment rights to be free of unreasonable search and seizure.

Pirates Released in Case Where One Pirate was Killed By Private Security in Hijack Attempt

Six pirates apprehended in an attempted attack have been released by authorities, according to The New York Times. The incident involved what is reportedly the first case where armed private security shot and killed a pirate.

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