Lawmakers Request Briefing on Panga Boat Smuggling

Panga fishing boat smuggling is on the rise off the coast of California and recent events have spurred lawmakers to request a meeting with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Morning Security Brief: Unfit For Duty, Confrontation at Sea, Dead Men’s DNA, and More

A Florida newspaper’s investigative project reveals a wide range of misconduct among the state’s police and corrections officers. One Coast Guard member is dead after a confrontation with smugglers off the coast of California. Illinois police look to build a database of executed inmates to help solve cold cases. And more.

Every Man For Himself: Research Says Women and Children Less Likely to Survive a Shipwreck

Two researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden found that men are more likely to survive a shipwreck than women and cruise ship staff more likely to survive than passengers.

Lawmakers and Stakeholders Fed Up with TWIC Costs and Delays

The joint TSA-Coast Guard effort to biometrically verify the identities of maritime and port workers has seriously tried the patience of lawmakers and the program's stakeholders.

TSA, Coast Guard Ease Burden on TWIC Holders

TSA and the Coast Guard today eased the burden on maritime transportation workers who needed to renew their biometric ID cards under an unpopular antiterrorism program that has experienced major technology delays.

IP Video Market Info Reviews the Security Management Digital Edition

“This is much more likely an example of how security trade magazines will evolve online,” John Honovich says.

Maritime Security Provider Calls for Inquiry into Viral Video

A viral video of a security team firing on what is said to be Somali pirates approaching a vessel has caught the attention of a DC-area security firm who is now calling for an investigation into the incident.

Morning Security Brief: Private Data, Truancy Chips, Countering Piracy, and More

The National Counterterrorism Center can now hold private citizens’ information for five years. In Brazil, school uniforms are being fitted with locator chips. Regulations (and the lack of standards) make weapons and issue for maritime security outfits. And more.

'Black Box' Data Could Vindicate or Condemn Italian Security in Maritime Shooting

“Black box” data could provide evidence of the escalation of force that led to an incident in the Indian Ocean that left two fishermen dead.

Morning Security Brief: School Attack Thwarted In Utah, Somali Pirates, Man Sues After Being Rejected For Police Job, and More

Police arrest two high school students in the final planning stages of a bomb attack. The U.S. may have upped the stakes for hostages in Somali after this week's rescue. A man is suing the Atlanta Police saying they rejected his application for employment because he was HIV positive. And more.

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