Morning Security Brief: Deadly Car Bomb At Yemen Defense Ministry, Stolen Radioactive Cargo Found, And More

A car bomb and ensuing firefight at Yemen's Defense Ministry complex has killed 25 people; a cargo truck containing dangerous radioactive material has been found; and more than 2 million social media accounts have been compromised due to Pony malware.

Finding the Fencers of Stolen Retail Goods

A Stop Organized Retail Crime’s Webinar offered its attendees insight into tools they can use to spot stolen merchandise being fenced on Internet sites such as eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and others.

Case Study: Resorting to Monitoring

One bucolic resort found that it had outgrown its existing alarm system but managed to expand with minimal new infrastructure expense.

Report: Billions of Dollars Worth of Smartphones Lost Annually

Many of the cities with the highest rates of lost phones were also in the top ranks of the FBI’s most recent crime statistics, according to a new industry report.

Flash Mobs: An Emerging Threat to Retailers

Multiple offender incidents, styled after flash mobs, are an up-and-coming threat to retailers. This week the National Retail Federation released results of a July survey it administered to gauge the impact.

Italian Guns to be Manufactured with RFID Technology

RFIDs that are intended for inventory control raise privacy and other concerns among gun owners.

Two Reports Examine Trends in Organized Retail Crime

Reports from the National Retail Federation and the Government Accountability Office look at the size and nature of the organized retail crime problem and examine the success of some of the efforts to combat it.

Online Community Helps Police and Businesses Nab Crooks

A social network of law enforcement and loss prevention professionals known as CrimeDex is helping police identify the criminals who prey on businesses and end their crime spree. (Coverage from ISC West)

DNA Spray Foils U.K. Criminals

There’s a new weapon in the retail sector’s fight against robberies and burglaries. A fluorescent synthetic DNA spray has been created by the United Kingdom’s Selectamark Security Systems PLC that can both deter and foil commercial burglaries and smash-and-grab raids.

Mystery Players: How Casinos Catch the Careless, the Cheats, and the Corrupt

Sometimes that gentleman playing blackjack with you at the casino isn't an insurance salesman from Duluth.

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