Biometrics Restriction Defeated by New Hampshire Legislature

A bill that would have severely restricted the use of biometrics by private businesses and government agencies in New Hampshire was overwhelmingly defeated yesterday by the state legislature.

Legislation Would Provide Security Fix

New legislation would help the security industry bypass an energy efficiency standard it says shouldn't apply to security companies.

House Votes to Give More Power to FDA to Protect Food Supply

The recent rash of tainted spinach, peanuts, and hot peppers led the House of Representatives yesterday to pass the first modernization of the U.S. food safety system in decades.

House Homeland Security Committee Passes Antiterrorism Standards for Chemical Facilities

The House Homeland Security Committee approved a bill yesterday that could force chemical facilities to use safer technologies and open them to civil lawsuits when they violate regulations.

Bill Would Allow Prisons to Jam Cell Phone Signals

Legislation introduced into both houses of Congress yesterday would give prisons the right to block cell phone signals inside their walls after receiving permission from the Federal Communications Commission.

Sounding the Alarm on Dust Explosions

Companies that produce ignitable chemical dust must do more to prevent deadly explosions like the one at an Imperial Sugar Company plant in Georgia in February, says a member of the government's chemical safety board.

Oklahoma Bill Allows Concealed Weapons on Campus

A law passed by the Oklahoma State House yesterday allows people with training to carry concealed weapons on college campuses.

Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Restricting Use of State Secrets Privilege

At a recent Senate hearing witnesses discussed proposed legislation that would subject assertions of state secrets privilege to judicial review.

Whistleblower Protection Passes Senate

Senate passage could lead to the first expansion of whistleblower rights since 1989.

White House Makes Case Against House FISA Bill

The White House has put out a fact sheet laying out point by point why it opposes the House bill on FISA restrictions.

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