House Passes Appropriations Bill, Blocks Certain Programs

The House of Representatives has passed an appropriations bill (H.R. 5326) that provides funding for several agencies but blocks implementation and enforcement of several key programs, including those that deal with age discrimination and the use of arrest and conviction records in preemployment screening.

Interrupting the Wash Cycle

There's been progress in the fight against money laundering with compliance efforts at banks, new regulations, and global efforts to crack down on tax havens. But criminals continue to innovate, and they tend to adapt more quickly than the law.

Law Enforcement Come Out Against National Right-To-Carry Act

Law enforcement and local officials say states shouldn’t be forced to honor out-of-state concealed-carry permits.

Guns on Campus: To Carry or Not to Carry

After a campus shooting—especially a mass shooting as occurred at Virginia Tech in 2007—there are suggestions that if students or faculty had been armed, they could have defended themselves. Others see the mixture of concealed carry of firearms and campus life as a recipe for disaster.

Morning Security Brief: Lawmakers Cut Budget, Companies Testify on Data Theft, and Law Criminalizes Password Sharing

House passes reduced homeland security budget, companies testify on data breach incidents, and a new Tennessee law makes sharing passwords illegal.

Morning Security Brief: Former Blackwater Guards Back on Trial, U.S. Supports Foreign Police, and Texas Advances Terrorism Bill

A manslaughter case against former Blackwater guards has been reinstated by a federal court; the United States spends billions training and equipping foreign police forces; and Texas legislators consider a comprehensive homeland security bill.

Arizona Votes to Allow Guns on Campus

The Arizona House of Representatives has approved a controversial bill that would allow guns to be carried on the sidewalks and roads of public universities.

The Patriot Act: Issues and Controversies

The Patriot Act: Issues and Controversies does a thorough job of examining the controversial legislation and its ramifications almost ten years after its passage.

Hearing Reviews Chemical Facility Security Regs and Talks ISTs

A hearing conducted last week on chemical security found witnesses agreed that the government's regulatory scheme has been a success, although government and chemical industry officials squared off on whether mandating safer technologies or processes is smart public policy .

GAO Issues Report on Sexual Abuse of Kids in K-12 Schools

Schools across the country have hired people who have sexually exploited or targeted children in the past, according to a Government Accountability Office report.

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