Morning Security Brief: Wal-Mart Corruption, Anthrax Vaccines, ICN Launches New Initiatives, and More

Wal-Mart execs ignored an investigation that found widespread bribery at it sites in Mexico. Two million doses of anthrax expire to the tune of $48 million. And more.

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal by Former Enron Executive

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear a second appeal by former Enron executive Jeffrey Skilling. In his appeal, Skilling petitioned the Court to overturn his fraud conviction.

Can Employers Legally Request Facebook Passwords?

Two U.S. Senators have requested that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Justice investigate recent reports of employers requiring that applicants turn over passwords to private e-mail accounts and to social media sites such as Facebook.

UCLA Students Spot ‘The Terminator’ While Traveling in DRC

After recognizing him in a convoy, a group of UCLA students have located the notorious war criminal Bosco Ntaganda and have videos and pictures of his compound.

Morning Security Brief: Tide Boosters, Trayvon Martin's Last Call, Outlaws Roam the West, and More

Tide becomes the detergent of choice among shoplifters. Federal authorities take the Trayvon Martin case as new information emerges. “Sovereign Citizens” roam the Rockies. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Marijuana in the Mail, 'Test on Arrest' Ruling, Identity Theft Rules, and More

Colorado post offices say more people are trying to mail marijuana out of state. Court rules that "test on arrest" policy doesn't violate the Fourth Amendment. A government agency has approved identity theft rules for publication. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Private GPS Tracking, Oakland Occupiers Clash With Police, Facebook Sues Marketing Company, and More

The use of GPS trackers by private citizens is on the rise. Violent clashes between Occupy Oakland and police led to 400 arrests over the weekend. Facebook sues Adscend Media over clickjacking. And more.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules that Police Need Warrant to Track Suspects

The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the police must obtain a warrant before using GPS to track suspects.

New Jersey Judge Rules Police Can Keep Surveillance Locations Secret In Drug Case

A New Jersey appellate court ruled on Monday that law enforcement officers can keep their surveillance locations a secret.

Survey: Many People Know About Workplace Misconduct and are Willing to Report it -- for Money

Employees would report wrongdoing in the workplace if they could be protected from retaliation and claim a monetary reward, according to a recent survey, yet most people don't know about a government program that does just that.

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