Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking Approved: Appeals Court

An appeals court has ruled that law enforcement does not need a probable cause warrant to track a suspect using that suspect's own mobile phone GPS.

Morning Security Brief: Anaheim Riots, Supreme Court May Rule On DNA Collection, DC Police Say it’s Legal to Record Cops on Duty

Protesters clash with police overnight in Anaheim. A move by the Supreme Court leads some to speculate it will rule on arrestee DNA collection. D.C. police say it’s legal to video tape and photograph police. And more.

Morning Security Brief: License Plate Readers, Android Security App is Really Malware, Spain’s Crop Theft, and More

A license plate reader identifies a murder suspect at the border. A security app is exactly the opposite. Police and farmers in Spain have set up patrols to deter crop theft. And more.

Book Review: Fraud Fighter: My Fables and Foibles

This is an autobiography of a FBI agent who found his way in life, from poor beginnings to creating a world-class organization dedicated to educating fraud fighters.

Social Networking Sites Assist Investigations

As more investigators use social media, they need to be aware of the legal issues and tread carefully.

Editor's Note: When Did You Last Clean Out Your Mental Closet?

When did you last question your security assumptions?

Morning Security Brief: Cell Phone Tracking, New Hacker Collective Appears Online, Sensitive Record Breach, and More

Congress wants to know how many times cell phone companies have provided data to law enforcement. A new hacker group calling itself the Unknowns says it wants to show NASA and the Air Force how it breached their networks. An anti-abortion group says it leaked patient medical records from a Kansas City abortion clinic. And more.

The Security Management Digital Edition Is Live

This online-only edition includes eight editorial videos, five expandable maps, audio interviews, animated advertisements, and much more.

Maryland Prohibits DNA Collection From Suspects Who Have Only Been Charged

Maryland law enforcement officials worry that a recent court ruling on DNA collection could jeopardize convictions and make it harder to solve crimes.

Technology Increases Rate of Missing Children Recovered

Success in locating missing children can be attributed to changes in technology and social media, according to a non-profit clearinghouse for missing children.

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