Morning Security Brief: Manning Sentenced, More Details on NSA Program, Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria, and More

Bradley Manning is sentenced to 35 years in prison; officials say the NSA surveillance program's scope is much broader than originally disclosed; nations call for a U.N. investigation in Syria after chemical weapons were allegedly used to attack civilians; and more.

Morning Security Brief: Zuckerberg's Facebook Hacked, Japanese Nuclear Plant Leaking, And More

A Palestinian programmer hacked into the Facebook CEO's page to reveal a security flaw, 300 tons of contaminated waste have leaked from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, a top McAfee official takes over DHS cybersecurity post, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Heightened Security Amid Ramadan Violence, INTERPOL Issues Global Security Threat, And More

Middle Eastern authorities are bracing for increased violence during the end of Ramadan festivities; INTERPOL raises terrorism concerns after a wave of prison breakouts; and more.

Morning Security Brief: Security Weaknesses at the Kabul Embassy, Homeland Security Nominee, Cybercrime, and more

Security weaknesses at the Kabul Embassy, phishing attacks hope to trick Apple Developer Center users, costs of cybercrime, and more.

Executive Protection Lessons in Light of Pope's Close Call in Brazil

When Pope Francis’s driver made a wrong turn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he inadvertently drove executive protection (EP) into the world’s headlines. Here's some advice for protection professionals who might face similar challenges.

Morning Security Brief: Pope's Security, Chemical Plant Security, and More

Pope Francis's visit to South America begins with security concerns as massive crowds gather to greet the pontiff; Congressmen question CFATS effectiveness; Cisco to acquire security company Sourcefire, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Update on Egypt, Android Vulnerabilities, and More

Egypt's Islamists have a day of resistance, a company reveals Android vulnerability, and more.

New Technique to Detect Illegal Poaching

A new carbon dating approach may be able to detect illegally obtained ivory.

United States Can Do More to Prepare for CBRNE Events

Dr. Paul Stockton, president of Cloud Peak Analytics, says the United States has taken steps to respond effectively to a CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosives) event at home and abroad, but more can be done to strengthen that response.

Morning Security Brief: Cybersecurity Improvements, CCTV vulnerability, Human Trafficking and ID Theft Raids

Presidents Obama and Putin pledge to work together on cybersecurity. A researcher says that many CCTV cameras can be remotely attacked via the public Internet. More than a dozen convenience stores were raided as part of a massive human trafficking and identity theft investigation.

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