Morning Security Brief: Cyberattacks, Chinese Protests, Hospital Violence, and More

Hackers hit the U.S. Senate. The British Navy is reconsidering its role in Libya. Protests erupt sporadically in China. A security guard in Islamabad gives his life to stop a suicide bomber. And other news.

Morning Security Brief: Middle East, Japan, Border Security, Explosives, and More

Libyan rebels officially recognized, nuclear worries persist in Japan, Muslim-American border crossing complaints, new bomb-detection prospects, and fighting fraud in Russia.

Mexican Drone Crashes in El Paso, Texas, Backyard Near the Border

The residents of Craddock Avenue in El Paso, Texas, got a surprise Tuesday when a Mexican drone crashed into the backyard of one of their neighbors.

Think Tank to White House: Define Your Enemy

A strategic report from an influential D.C. think tank argues the U.S. must actively engage, debate, and discredit the radical Islamist ideology that creates jihadist terrorists if the United States is to win the war on terrorism.

Military Spending on the Rise Worldwide

Military spending worldwide increased in 2009 to an estimated $1.53 trillion, despite the global economic crisis, according to a report published by a Swedish think tank.

KGB 2.0?

Proposed powers for Russia's Federal Security Service evoke memories of sweeping authority held by the KGB under the Soviet Union.

Morning Security Briefing: India Beefs Up Security, Yemen Collapsing, Terrorism's Toll in Pakistan, al Qaeda Still Wants WMDs

♦ As the memory of Mumbai endures, India bolsters security for its 60th Republic Day.

♦ The BBC weighs how Western governments should respond to the terrorist threat emanating from a fragile Yemen.

♦ A new study from Harvard details al Qaeda's attempts to acquire nuclear weapons and whether the threat persists today.

♦ The Pakistani government tells Parliament that approximately 2,000 people have been killed in terrorist attacks since April 2009.

♦ Hackers target friends of employees at Google and other tech companies in the hopes of indirectly hitting their mark: the employees.

Radicalized Americans in Yemen and Somalia May Pose Threat to United States

Approximately 72 American citizens, some ex-convicts, have disappeared into the ungoverned spaces of Somalia and Yemen and may pose a jihadist threat to the United States, according to a report released yesterday by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Google Threatens to Shut Down Business in China After Cyberattack

Google yesterday announced that it would no longer censor its search engine results in China after the company discovered it was the target of sophisticated cyberattacks emanating from the country.

Italian Police Nab Mob Family

Italian police have arrested one of the country’s most wanted mob bosses and his two brothers, according to media reports.

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