DHS Announces Protected Status for Syrians in The U.S.

Conditions in Syria have worsened to the point where Syrian nationals already in the United States would face serious threats to their personal safety if they were to return to their home country, says DHS.

Morning Security Brief: Extortion in Mexico, Dirty Bomb Detector, Occupy Resurgence, and More

The fastest growing nonlethal crime in Mexico is extortion. University of Liverpool scientists work to develop a dirty bomb detector. Occupiers mark the movement's six-month anniversary with protests. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Campus Gun Ban Overturned, Lulzsec Hackers Charged, Middle East Security, and More

University of Colorado forced to allow guns on campus. International authorities swoop in on Lulzsec and Anonymous hackers. U.S. official tells the Senate that Iran is the biggest threat to Middle East Security. And more.

Morning Security Brief: FBI Ends Park Shooter Manhunt, ShotSpotter Successes, Cartel Communications, and More

An FBI manhunt for a man who shot a park ranger ends after the suspect is found frozen in a creek. California police hail ShotSpotter a success. Drug cartels have a radio network that covers the entire country of Mexico. A private security guard is convicted of providing security for a drug transaction. And more.

Morning Security Brief: A City Decriminalizes Domestic Violence, Mexican Cartels Spread, Kill-Or-Capture Missions

Domestic violence is off the books in Topeka. Cartels spread into Belize. Researchers call NATO's kill-and-capture ratio exaggerated. And more.

Are Intelligence Strategies Too Focused On Safe Havens?

Failed states may not be the terrorist havens experts once thought. More attention should be given to weak and corrupt nations.

GPS Implants May Be More Fiction Than Science

RFID experts say not to be fooled by security companies offering implantable human tracking devices.

Morning Security Brief: Maritime Drug Bust, Chinese Surveillance, Al-Shabaab Sanctions, and More

The Coast Guard makes a significant bust in the Caribbean. Chinese authorities increase their control of domestic surveillance. Sanctions eased against Al-Shabaab in Somalia to allow aid through. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Major Drug Bust, Mobile Suspect Identification, DoD Cybersecurity, and More

The Mexican army busts the country's biggest marijuana grow operation to date. A new app will make iris scans mobile. A study says crime is higher near airports. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Mobile Security, Big Brother Chicago, DIY Militias, and More

Corporate security managers seek ways to secure mobile devices. A small village in Africa develops an effective self-defense strategy in lieu of government protection. Pakistan arrests informant who is believed to have helped CIA get Osama bin Laden. And more.

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