Intelligence Chiefs Learn From Experience

Top U.S. intelligence officers explain how the mistakes they made in Iraq hold lessons for us all.

New WTC Plans Found in Trash Can

A homeless man Thursday found floor diagrams for the New York City's planned Freedom Tower dumped in a street-side garbage can.

State and Local Fusion Centers Plead for More Federal Funds

Without more federal funding, fusion center officials worry they will not have the resources to maintain staffing levels or continue operations.

Incident Report Revision Helps LAPD Gather Terrorism Intelligence

A simple addition to police officer's report forms has turned LAPD officers into better counterterrorism intelligence gatherers, and federal officials have taken note.

No Evidence Terrorists Can Produce Nuclear Weapon

DHS' chief intelligence officer tells Congress that al Qaeda is still searching for scientists with the expertise to produce a nuclear weapon.

End in Sight for Pentagon Intelligence Unit?

A controversial Pentagon intelligence office may be closed down, depending on the results of an impending review by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

Spy Agencies Using Google

Google's search engine technology and servers are being used by the nation's intelligence community to share information more efficiently.

Al Qaeda Harder to Crack than Kremlin

The Washington Post details Western intelligence agencies' many failed attempts to infiltrate al Qaeda.

Audits Show FBI Abused Intelligence-Gathering Privileges

Two audits show that the FBI abused special orders to obtain personal records of U.S. citizens, but the FBI responds that the violations are old news and that corrective measures are already in place.

Data Warehouses Lead to Intelligence-based Policing

Federal investigators hope the Justice Department's National Data Exchange, a data-mining system, will allow them to search state and local digital records to fight crime and terrorism. State and local police already use a commercial equivalent.

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