Why Intelligence Reform Has Failed

A senior official in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence writes a brief history of how intelligence reform failed in the CIA's academic journal.

U.S. and EU Restart Negotiations on Sharing Bank Data to Fight Terrorism

The European Union is entering a new round of negotiations with the United States regarding the sharing of bank data as a part of U.S. counterterrorism efforts, according to a press release from the EU Directorate General Communication.

Morning Security Brief: Report Finds Fault with National Counterterrorism Center

National Counterterrorism Center study finds that the intelligence analysis body created after 9-11 to improve information flow is not working as well as it should.

Counterterror, Technology, and Reaction

COMMENT: The United States must learn to stop and think—rather than react—after an attack if it wants to defeat jihadist terrorists.

CIA Human Lie Detectors Moonlight for Corporate America

Some of the CIA's best and brightest have the opportunity to moonlight their unique talents to the highest bidder in the private sector, reports Politico.

Declassified Report Lists Intelligence Failures Leading Up to Botched Terrorist Attack

The White House today released a public summary detailing the counterterrorism (CT) community's failure to stop an alleged terrorist from boarding a U.S.-bound flight on Christmas.

CIA Defies Its Boss and Wins Turf War

The White House has ordered the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) to rely on CIA station chiefs as the primary foreign intelligence liaisons instead of giving the director of national intelligence (DNI) authority to appoint his own representatives when he sees fit.

DHS to Create New Office to Support Intelligence Fusion Centers

The Department of Homeland Security will establish a new office to support the nation's rapidly expanding network of fusion centers.

Three Defendants in August 2006 Liquid Explosive Plot Convicted on Retrial

Three British Muslims were convicted on retrial yesterday for their August 2006 conspiracy to bring down seven planes with liquid explosives destined for locations across Canada and the United States.

Intelligence Community's Wikipedia Begins to Thrive

The U.S. intelligence community may be overcoming its institutional aversion to information sharing as its internal version of Wikipedia begins to thrive, according to The Washington Post.

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