Morning Security Brief: Records of Biodefense Mishaps Released, CBP Makes $800 Million Bust, DOJ Condemns Voter ID Law, and More

Records obtained using FOIA show an increase in mishaps and reporting at biodefense lab. CBP helps recover 10,000 pounds of cocaine in 24 hours. The DOJ says Texas’ voter ID law unfairly targets Hispanic residents. And more.

Book Review: Broker, Trader, Law­yer, Spy: The Secret World of Corporate Espionage

The chief contribution of this book to the body of literature on corporate espionage is a unique examination of individuals who straddle the public and private sectors in the practice of their tradecraft.

Report: DHS Intelligence Role Must Evolve Beyond Terrorism, Concentrate on the Local

The Department of Homeland Security's role in the nation's intelligence community must evolve beyond terrorism-related threats and concentrate on providing unclassified, creative, and responsive intelligence products to state and local first preventers, according to a new report.

Tripping Up Terrorists

Businesses participating in Operation Tripwire help alert the FBI to possible terrorist activity by reporting suspicious purchases by customers.

Feds Drop the Hammer on Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The U.S. Department of Justice says Sheriff Joe Arpaio violated Constitutional and federal laws by tolerating and encouraging organized discrimination of Latinos.

Morning Security Brief: Border Security, 2012 Oylmpic Security, Protecting the Power Grid, and More

Critics say the cost of National Guardsmen on the border isn't worth it. The 2012 Olympic games try to add security but stay close to budget. MIT researchers suggest a government agency oversee utilities cybersecurity. And more.

Pedobear Goes From Internet Meme to Safety Concern

For law enforcement in the southwest, Pedobear is the meme that just won’t go away.

Morning Security Brief: Terror Watch List Standards, Stored Cell Phone Information, Narco Zoos, and More

Terror watch list standards revealed. A Justice Department Document shows how long cellular companies store customer information. Al-shabaab says it recovered a downed U.S. drone. And more.

Morning Security Brief: 9-11 Alerts, Rewards Programs, Australian Private Security, and More

Agencies warn citizens to be vigilant in September. Police offer gift cards to tipsters. Australian police move to regulate private security. And more.

Morning Security Brief: False Alarms, Tweet Rights, Blocking Cell Phones, and More

Detroit police have adopted a verified response policy for burglar alarms. Los Angeles authorities mull how to react to prank calls brought on by a celebrity tweeter. BART spokesman takes credit for cell phone blocking idea. And more.

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