LinkedIn Had Strengthened Protection of Leaked Passwords

By the time it became news that 6.5 million passwords from the Website LinkedIn had been posted on a hacker Web site last week, the Internet Company had “salted” all its passwords, making them significantly more difficult to crack, according to LinkedIn.

Hacker Working to Warn Airlines About Network Security Vulnerabilities

A UK-based hacker is working to warn major airlines of a vulnerability that allows access to sensitive information, but the companies he claims to have hacked say they have no evidence of a breach.

Book Review: Creeping Failure: How We Broke the Internet and What We Can Do to Fix It

Jeffrey Hunker provides a detailed, poignant description of the dangers lurking on the World Wide Web, why the problems have developed, and what can be done to correct some serious issues.

Consolidating Authorization

Helping companies consolidate the network access and authentication process.

Morning Security Brief: Hacker Group Rises from the Ashes, Indiana Passes Controversial Gun Law, and More

A new hacker group says it has information on more than 110,000 residents of a Tennessee city with a population of 132,000. Indiana passes a law that lets residents shoot at police. U.S. Intelligence director may authorize lie detector tests to ferret out leakers within the intelligence community. And more.

Google's New Hacking Alert Raises Questions From Users

Google’s security blog left a lot of questions unanswered when it announced that the company would begin alerting some of its users when their computers or accounts were being targeted by state-sponsored attackers.

EHarmony User Passwords Exposed

The Web site eHarmony acknowledged yesterday that a small percentage of its users’ passwords may have been exposed in an online forum used by hackers.

Newly Discovered Malware Considered Especially Sophisticated

A newly discovered malicious software program is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated attack kits yet discovered, according to the software firm Kaspersky Lab.

Leading Figure in Major International Phishing Operation Sentenced

A principal figure in a major international hacking ring that allegedly bilked banks of more than $1 million was sentenced last week to five years in prison.

Morning Security Brief: Bomb Threat at NSA Site, Wisconsin Man Arrested for Phone Threats, NBA Playoff Shooting, and More

A bomb threat halts construction at the new NSA megacenter. A Wisconsin man is arrested for threatening to blow up political offices. Police are investigating a shooting that left eight injured minutes after the Monday’s NBA playoff game. And more.

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