Morning Security Brief: ‘Breaking News’ Phishing Attack, Drone Strike Stats, Parliament Breach Reviewed, and More

Phishing attack disguised as breaking news from CNN. Researchers from Columbia find most drone strike statistics inaccurate. A staffing error leads to a security breach in Australian Parliament. And more.

Student Records Hacked from Florida College

Personal and financial information on about 280,000 students and employees has been compromised after a hacking incident at a Florida college, according to the Florida Department of Education.

Morning Security Brief: Chinese Telecom Firms, Bank Cyber Attacks, and Government Eavesdropping Immunity

A Congressional report warns about security threats from Chinese telecom companies, Capital One is hit with a cyber attack, and the Supreme Court declines to hear a government surveillance case.

Protecting Against Persistent Threats

Sophisticated and sustained cyberattacks that are perpetrated to steal trade secrets, rather than financial assets, frequently go undetected by traditional signature-based antimalware solutions.

Morning Security Brief: Public Health Preparedness, NYPD Gang Unit Doubles, Postcards Sent With SSNs, and More

The CDC publishes a report on public health preparedness among the states. The NYPD doubles its gang unit to help monitor social media. The University of Chicago apologizes for postcards sent with SSNs. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Y-12 Update, White House Spearphished, Surveillance Cameras Vandalized, and More

Y-12 ends its contract with its security provider. The White House says hackers targeted its military office. Police are looking for a pair vandalizing security cameras on Long Island. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Financial Web Site Attacks, License Plate Readers, and Exposed User Credentials

Several bank Web sites appear to have been attacked by hackers, the government is sued over the privacy of license plate readers, and many of an association’s user credentials may have been exposed.

Forrester Study Highlights Insider Risks

Cyber attacks from external sources often gain attention, but most data loss incidents are caused by events such as employees’ mishandling of data, according to a new Forrester report.

Morning Security Brief: New FERC Cyber Security Office, GAO Report on Mobile Security, and Gun Discharged at Airport Security

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has created a new cyber security office, the General Accountability Office issues a report on mobile device security, and a gun accidentally fires in airport security.

Two Romanians Plead Guilty to Hacking Subway, other Stores

Two Romanian men have pled guilty to participating in a multimillion dollar scheme to steal payment card data from hundreds of Subway restaurants and other merchants, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

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