Hackers Cause Blackouts in Foreign Cities

The attack was revealed by a CIA senior analyst at a security conference on Friday.

EU: IP Addresses Should Be Considered Personal Data

The opinion given by a group of E.U. data privacy regulators would have major implications for the way Internet search providers record data.

U.S. Approves Cybersecurity Standards for Nation's Electrical Grid

The standards come after a government cyberattack last year destroyed a power plant's electric generator.

U.S. Utilities Vulnerable to Hack Attacks

The former head of DHS' cybersecurity division says U.S. utilities are vulnerable to coordinated hacker attacks.

MacSweeper's Bogus, Say Security Researchers

A new online cleaning tool marketed to Mac user's is a fraud, say researchers at F-Secure.

Congressional Report Criticizes a TSA Web Site's Security

A TSA Web site to redress travelers mistakenly placed on the Terrorism Watch-list was riddled with security vulnerabilities due to a no-bid contract, a conflict of interest, and lax oversight.

2007: Four-fold Increase in Personal Information Breaches

Two new studies describe a disturbing trend of ever-increasing information security breaches.

Seductive Bots Steal Personal Information

A new bot called CyberLover tricks unsuspecting online lookers-for-love into giving up their personal information.

Cyberattack on Nuclear Laboratory May Have China Link

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, according to a government memo, suffered phishing attacks possibly from China.

Spamming for Ron Paul

A Ukrainian botnet targeted over 162 million E-mail addresses with spam promoting Ron Paul.

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