Heathrow Scraps Fingerprint Plan

London Heathrow Airport scraps a plan to fingerprint all departures at a new domestic terminal after a government watchdog voices opposition.

Maryland Helps Protect Its Residents from Identity Theft

A state law requiring that businesses tell customers when personal data has been breached has already had an effect.

U.K.: Foreigners and Certain Workers Will Get ID Cards Starting Next Year

The Home Office has backed away from compulsory ID cards for all Britons, yet critics argue the plan is a "stealthy" attempt to accomplish the same result.

U.K.: Biometric Visas Efficient and Working

The United Kingdom's biometric visa system has reduced identity checks from two days to 30 minutes, says the British visa checking agency.

Ten Fingerprint Scan Moves to O'Hare International Airport

The fingerprints will be checked against an FBI and a DHS database filled with criminals, illegal immigrants, and known or suspected terrorists.

DHS Cuts Cost of Secure Licenses

DHS has stretched out implementation deadlines to make it cheaper on states to implement REAL ID.

Wisconsin Vendor Exposes Residents to Identity Theft

For the second time in little over a year, a vendor hired by the state of Wisconsin has included recipients' Social Security numbers on the postal labels of official correspondence.

Fingerprint Collection Increases at Dulles

DHS has begun collecting 10 fingerprints per international visitor to increase security and accuracy. The policy will extend to all ports of entry by the end of 2008.

Japan Fingerprinting Foreigners

Foreigners that refuse to be fingerprinted upon arrival will be deported.

British Government Loses Private Data of 7.5 Million Families

The data, contained on two computer discs, was lost in the mail and has stoked fears of widespread identity theft.

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