Hackers Could Scan Your Bank Card Through Your Clothing

Shmoocon hackers showed over the weekend that with the conveniences that come from moving toward a more digital world, also come new vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited.

Trial Details Sophistication of International Counterfeit Document Operation

Prosecutors say Mexico-based ID counterfeiters ran operations like a small business.

Morning Security Brief: Bureau of Counterterrorism Created, iPassport, Detroit Police Stop Night Administrative Work, and More

The U.S. creates the Bureau of Counterterrorism. A man uses a picture of his passport to cross the border from the U.S. to Canada. Police Departments in Detroit will no longer be open to the public 24 hours a day. And more.

Identity Theft: Moving Toward Trusted Identities

In a new initiative designed to reduce online fraud and encourage commerce, the government turns to private industry for help.

Identity Thieves Selling Kids' Social Security Numbers

The Social Security numbers of children are the newest hot commodity in the identity theft marketplace.

White House's Trusted Identities Strategy Doesn't Inspire Trust

The White House's draft plan to create trusted identities in cyberspace has met with skepticism if not outright hostility in some electronic privacy quarters.

GAO: State Department Issued Passports to Registered Sex Offenders

The U.S. State Department issued about 4,500 passports during fiscal year 2008 to registered sex offenders, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office. The State Department says there is nothing it can do about it within the law.

The Only Kind of Identity Theft That Could Kill

Medical identity fraud isn't only incredibly expensive, it could be the only kind of identity theft that could kill.

Puerto Rico to Void More than 5 Million Birth Certificates Attractive to Identity Thieves

Easy-to-obtain Puerto Rican birth certificates are such a hot commodity among identity thieves that the territory has voided any issued through tomorrow, June 30, effective Sept. 30.

Survey Finds Facebook Users Think Privacy Policy Revision "a Bad Thing"

Facebook users almost unanimously dislike the social networking site's new privacy policy, according to a small survey released this week by Sophos.

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