Contract Guard Oversight at Federal Facilities Gets Failing Grade

Investigators were able to pass through monitored security checkpoints and enter level IV federal facilities, such as congressional office buildings, without being stopped by guards, according to a new Government Accountability Office report on the Federal Protective Service's guard force oversight. That was just one of the shortcomings highlighted.

Union of Murdered Guard Wanted Protective Vests

The union of Stephen Tyrone Johns—the security guard allegedly murdered by white supremacist, James W. von Brunn—had lobbied Wackenhut Services Inc. for bulletproof vests for security guards at the Holocaust Museum, reports Fox News.

Gunman Kills Security Guard at Holocaust Museum

An 88-year-old white supremacist is in custody for shooting and killing a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, today.

Mexican Jail Break Releases Cartel Hit Men

A group of men, some dressed like police officers, freed 53 inmates in a prison break that ended without one shot fired and the prison governor, 40 prison guards, and two police commanders on duty taken into custody for questioning, reports

New York City's Municipal Security Guards to Get Bump in Pay and Receive Benefits

New York City security guards who protect municipal buildings and locations, including the Staten Island Ferry, have won wage and benefit concessions from their employers, reports The New York Times.

Russia Looks to Volunteers to Help Provide Public Security

As the global economic downturn hits Russia, the government has revived a Soviet-era tradition of neighborhood-watch-like groups that help police provide security in crowded cities, reports The New York Times.

India's Security Guards Become First Line of Defense

In the fallout from the Mumbai terrorist attacks last year, there is one Indian industry growing in power and influence as the rest grind slowly down: the guarding industry

Oakland to Hire Unarmed Private Guards to Bolster Security Presence

In the aftermath of violent riots provoked by a police shooting, Oakland, California, will hire unarmed private security guards to help police patrol the city's streets in anticipation of more protests.

Blackwater Guards Surrender to Authorities

Five Blackwater Worldwide security guards allegedly involved in the September 2007 shooting, which killed 17 in Nisoor Square, have surrendered to authorities today.

Multiple Scandals Topple Head of Britain's Security Licensing Authority

The chief executive of Britain's Security Industry Authority (SIA), which licenses private security guards and bouncers, has quit after Home Secretary Jacqui Smith asked for his resignation after learning licensing staff did not have the requisite security clearances.

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