Private Security Guards Block Media Access to Oily Beach

Private security guards blocked a local television reporter's access to workers cleaning up oil from a local public beach last Friday, directly contradicting claims from BP that it has not restricted media access to the ongoing clean-up operation.

Surveillance Camera Catches Violent Beating as Three Security Guards Watch

The vicious beating of one teenage girl by another inside a downtown Seattle transit tunnel as three private security guards watched has led the city's metro department to rethink its security policies.

Flier Distributed by Mall Security Seen as Racial Profiling

A flier distributed by a mall security supervisor in California demonstrates the fine line private security professionals must walk when notifying those they protect of perceived threats.

School Police Officers Allegedly Beat High School Student for Being Late

Outraged parents and a national civil rights organization are demanding an investigation into allegations made by a Philadelphia high school junior that two school police officers beat him for being late to school, according to .

Blackwater Participated in CIA "Snatch and Grab" Raids

The powerful private military contractor Blackwater regularly participated in covert "snatch and grab" operations of suspected Iraqi and Afghani insurgents with the CIA for two years, reports The New York Times.

Security Guards Protect Against Teen Suicide at Railroad Crossing

A rash of teen suicides has led the Palo Alto Police Department to hire private security to patrol a train crossing where the suicides occurred reports The San Jose Mercury News.

Security Guard Arrested for Threats Against Obama's Life and Contraband

A security guard at Newark Liberty International Airport has been arrested for allegedly telling a colleague that he would assassinate President Barack Obama as well as for contraband after police found 50 "cop-killer" bullets and a stolen rifle in his New Jersey home, reports New York's Newsday.

Company Underbid Embassy Security Contract, Ignored Misconduct, Whistleblowers Say

The fallout from the scandal involving private security contractors protecting the U.S. Embassy Kabul continues to rise up the management ladder, according to allegations levied by two ArmorGroup North America whistleblowers.

Fifth of Jobs Government Will Hire for Between 2010 and 2012 Will be Security-Related

Nearly 20 percent of all the jobs the federal government will be hiring for in between 2010 and 2012 will be security-related, reports the Washington Business Journal.

Who Will Guard the Guards? More Guards

The State Department has assigned diplomatic security staff to watch over ArmorGroup security contractors in Kabul as new allegations surface that the company retaliated against one of its whistleblowers.

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